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Implementing a robust Quality Management System is important for increasing your business efficiency. The QMS will provide you with a solid foundation and an increasing profit. In other words, you can acquire new customers and retain them for a longer period. This QMS indicates a set of procedures, policies, and some records on how you are delivering your services and products. Now, to establish that you have implemented QMS, your business needs to have ISO 9001 certification in Philippines.

What is ISO 9001 certification?

ISO 9001 is a global QMS standard that you must follow to demonstrate your capability of consistently providing services and products. The standard also reveals that you continuously refine those services or products.

In the ISO 9000 series of standards, you can find a range of documents. However, only ISO 9001 needs certification, and the latest version of this standard is ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001 does not indicate your product quality. The process-based standard helps in controlling processes. Instead of a person, an organization has to gain the certification.

We have split up different sections of ISO 9001 certification in Philippines.

  • The first, second, and third sections of this certification are introductory parts and contain ISO terms. The fourth section is about different issues of corporations in its present context.
  • The fifth one is about the role of decision-makers in implementing the QMS. Moreover, it includes responsibilities of relevant individuals. It clearly outlines your commitment to ensure customers’ fulfillment.
  • The sixth section is about opportunities and risks of the QMS implementation.
  • Seventh one focuses on the resource management and distribution. This resource comprises building, organizational knowledge, and human resources.
  • Eighth one is related to the service and product deployment in your organization.
  • Ninth one details the QMS performance analysis and audits.
  • Tenth section is about the importance of refining the QMS continuously.

Benefits of ISO 9001 certification in Philippines

By having ISO 9001 certification in Philippines, your business will gain an international status. Certified corporations always have a consistent Quality Manage System to ensure the highest customer satisfaction level. However, this certification will benefit not only your business but also your customers and employees.

ISO 9001- How it values your business

  • You will have an increased market share and profit margin
  • You will save time due to proper management of resources
  • You may avoid and alleviate the risk of anomalies and recurring issues
  • Your brand will have better image
  • The certification reduces manual works due to the process automation
  • You will have a higher organizational efficiency

By analysing the connection between different processes for QMS of your business, you may easily locate areas that need optimization.

ISO 9001 certificate benefitting your customers

  • Makes sure that you are one of the reliable vendor
  • As ISO 9001 certification in Philippines focuses on customer satisfaction, your customers feel that you are concerned about them. By identifying goals and needs of your customers, you can please them.
  • Your customers will receive faster response to their feedback. Thus, you can gain trust of your customers.

ISO 9001 standards valuing your employees

  • Your employees will feel that their jobs in your company are secure, and thus, they will perform better.
  • Higher job satisfaction among your employees will develop a better workplace
  • Educational resources and training become easily available due to the organizational infrastructure
  • The QMS implementation willdevelopa good culture in your company.
  • Employees will be highly engaged in your business processes.

Requirements of ISO 9001 certification in Philippines

For any certification and accreditation, you have to comply with requirements and gain the global standards.You may hirean ISO 9001 consultant in Philippines to get the detailed information. For ISO 9001, there are mandatory and non-mandatory requirements.

Mandatory ISO 9001 requirements

  • Checking and analyzing the records of your business equipment calibration
  • Qualifications and training records
  • Records related to the review of development and design outputs, inputs, and controls
  • Monitoring measurement outcomes
  • Nonconforming output records
  • Internal audit details and results
  • Management review results
  • Corrective action results
  • Customer property records

Non-mandatory ISO 9001 requirements

  • Processes to determine organizational context
  • Processes to address opportunities and risks
  • Methods for training
  • Equipment maintenance process
  • Sales procedure
  • Development and design process
  • Warehousing process
  • Management review and internal audit process
  • Customer satisfaction review process

When you are ISO 9001 certified, you ensure your compliance with the requirements. Professional consultants of our agency will inform you about documents needed for this certification. Above all, ISO 9001 is one of the formalized QMS versions, and the certification proves your commitment to this program. To get the certification successfully, it is essential to confirm that your QMS works properly. You must also fulfill other requirements to go through audits and get positive results. We have certification auditors for the audit process.

How to get ISO 9001 certification in Philippines

1st step-
AsISO 9001 is a certification to manage and control quality, your first step is to make out the key processes. Those processes will affect the final product quality and resource management. Moreover, they include training, procurement, development, design, product services, customer relationship, product management, and internal auditing.

2nd step-
At this step, you have to create a proper scheme for the stated processes. When your business has already implemented these processes, you need to analyze them for workflow documentation. It will be easier for you to make a scheme on how to maintain, monitor, and control the process.

3rd step-
You have to identify your objectives and create a quality policy in relation to the processes. This policy has to address different principles for quality management-

  • Customer focus
  • Process approach
  • Leadership
  • Involvement of more people
  • Supplier relationships that are mutually beneficial
  • Decision making approach
  • Continual Improvement

Your policy has to define the responsibilities and roles of different positions of your organizations. It needs to emphasize methods needed to communicate the policy to your employees. There has to be inter-relationships between your processes.

4th step-
At the final step, you need to arrange your records, processes, and policies. For ISO 9001, there must be written policies, addressing records control, document control, internal audits, and several other things. You may rely on the ISO 9001 consultant in Philippines to know about these policies. This step also includes auditing based on the working policies. You need to correct the deficiency and go through the re-audit process. The successful result from this audit will help you to gain your certification.

Cost of ISO 9001 certification in Philippines

We have the best ISO 9001 consultant in Philippines to help you in calculating the overall cost. The certification method may cause a variation in the cost. Our consultants provide you with a cost-effective way of achieving the certification. You can save money and time throughout the certification procedure.

Hire ISO 9001 consultant in Philippines

We have a team of consultants to enable you in getting the certificate with our business-oriented solutions. You may not know about the technicalities of the certification. Thus, we will simplify the process for you. We can eliminate redundant paperwork and references. Our professionals do not use technical terms to avoid confusions in your mind.

Our services for ISO 9001 certification in Philippines-

Our ISO 9001 consultant in Philippines provides you with free consultation sessions to inform you about the certification process. We will outline every step to get the certificate for your business. However, we also help you with ISO 9001 certification training to simplify your tasks. Our interactive training course will let you know the process of ISO 9001 implementation. Our auditor training course is helpful for the ISO 9001 audit process. Train your employees and enable them to comply with regulatory standards. Moreover, our team will assist you with re-certification services. While your ISO 9001 certificate has no validity, you may apply for this re-certification process.

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