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Every day, lots of workers lose their lives due to fatal diseases for work activities and serious accidents in the workplace. As one of the corporate owners and managers, you can prevent these deaths by creating a safe work environment. Occupational Health and Safety is important for every organization, and ISO 45001 certification is based on the principles of OH&S standards. For successful ISO 45001certification in Philippines, you can speak to our consultants.

What is ISO 45001certification in Philippines?

ISO 45001 is a global standard that deals with health and safety at the workplace. It develops a framework to eliminate workplace injury, provide employee safety, alleviate risks, and prevent the chance of disease and death.

ISO 45001:2018 is the latest version providing organizations with some requirements to achieve certification. The management system for this standard is much similar to what we have found with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001. To implement ISO 45001 certification standard, you have to know its details.

  • Section 1- This section defines that ISO 45001 enables organizations to develop a safe and healthy workplace. You have to follow the applicable regulatory standards. Almost any service, product, and organization can adapt to this standard.
  • Section 2- For ISO 45001, you cannot find any normative reference.
  • Section 3- It denotes definitions applying to the ISO 45001 documents.
  • Section 4- This clause introduces sub-clauses related to the organizational context. First, it is about understanding the business and then identifying the needs of workers.
  • Section 5- The top management department demonstrates commitment and leadership and commitment related to the OH&S management system. The management section of your organization has to establish and maintain OH&S policies applicable to your business.
  • To learn about the scope and process of OHSMS, you can hire our ISO 45001 consultant in Philippines.
  • Section 6- It includes details about the system to identify workplace risks, OH&S analysis, and other relevant system risks. You need to stay updated with those risks.
  • Section 7- Your company has to determine resources essential to implement and refine the OHSMS. It covers resources dealing with the system and methods to communicate OH&S information.
  • Section 8- Your organization needs to control OHSMS processes to deal with opportunities and risks, identified in Section 6.
  • Section 9- It is about performance evaluation to check out compliance with regulatory standards. This performance measurement is one of the major ISO elements for the certification.
  • Section 10- The process of improvement includes the continual objectives and the action implementation to ensure the effectiveness and suitability of the OH&S management system.

How to get ISO 45001 certification in Philippines

ISO 45001consultant in Philippines will simplify the certification process for every organization. Our professional guide will enable you to establish ISO 45001 standards.

Learn the certification
Our first step is to let you know about the ISO 45001 certification. As you learn about its details, you can decide on whether you have to combine it with other ISO standards.

Start gap analysis and risk analysis process
We will provide you with a gap analysis checklist that determines the need for changing the present system. This checklist will enable you to find workplace areas, which need your attention. In our risk management process, we make out hazards and better controls.

Make a scheme
This step is important to help you in fulfilling ISO 45001 OHSMS standards.

Educate your employees
We have a team of trainers and consultants to impart knowledge to your organizational members. Our training and proper presentation of OH&S 45001 standards.

Document and design your OHSMS manual and processes
The major activity at this step is to look at your current procedure. We redesign those processes to help you in achieving ISO standards.

Use OHSMS and improve it
After developing and documenting this OHSMS, your workers have to follow the right process, gather records, and do refinements to your system.

Audit the performance of OHSMS
It is essential to know the effectiveness of OHSMS. With internal audits, you can see how the health and safety management system is performing. Get the audit checklist from our ISO 45001 consultant in Philippines.

Get registration
You can choose a Registrar to deal with the registration audit process. Auditors will inspect your OH&S to ensure that you have fulfilled the system requirements.

Requirements of ISO 45001 certification in Philippines

ISO 45001 is a new standard replacing OHSAS 18001 requirements related to procedures and records. You need documented information to get the certification. We have now listed mandatory documents needed for ISO 45001 certifications.

  • OH&S opportunities and risks to be addressed
  • Legal and regulatory needs
  • Competence-related evidence
  • Communications evidence
  • Emergency situation management scheme
  • Calibration, maintenance, and verification of equipment
  • Internal audit program and report
  • Management review result
  • Nonconformities

Non-mandatory documents
You may need some non-mandatory documents for implementing for ISO 45001 standards. However, these documents are about the process of

  • Hazard identification
  • Communication
  • Detection of legal needs
  • Change management
  • Compliance evaluation
  • Record control

Benefits of ISO 45001 certifications

Increase the safety of workers
ISO 45001 certification standards reduce potential workplace injury risks and illnesses. You can find ways of saving workers’ lives and preventing their injuries.

Raise the confidence of stakeholders
When your organization is ISO 45001 compliant, you can prove your safety concern to investors, customers, and regulators. These business associates will learn about your capabilities to develop a risk-free work environment.

Find higher productivity
Every year, the ILO reports about millions of non-fatal injuries at the workplace. Thus, these injuries also increase the rate of absences.

Alleviate serious risks
WithISO 45001, you can establish a framework to make out potential hazards before any incident turn up in the workplace. By managing risks in your business operations, your company can keep away from mishaps.

Find opportunities
The global certification not only focuses on risk but also helps you in increasing productivity and safety. You can uncover the best opportunities for your business.

Become an industry leader The international standard, ISO 45001, is comparatively new. Very few companies have adopted it. Thus, you can distinguish your company by becoming ISO 45001 certified.

Be more proactive You can take a proactive step to develop a safety culture. Make your business more sustainable by controlling hazards and risks.

Prove your commitment ISO 45001 is one of the widely accepted standards indicating your safety measures. As you are pursuing more recognition for your company, you can apply for this certification.

Cost of ISO 45001 certification

You can find a variation in the cost of registration for this certification. Based on the intricacy and size of your organization, we will help you in calculating the cost. Our consultation charge is highly affordable for any business. However, other factors, making a difference to the cost, are your industry, the number of business units that you have and the number of employees. Moreover, you may need to invest an additional amount for training your employees. The rate for recertification and a new certification can be different.

ISO 45001 consultant in Philippines

Where should you get the best consultants? We have a reliable ISO 45001 consultant in Philippines. We will instruct you on every step to maintain OHSMS standards. Our friendly consultants will give you the best tips to create a safe workplace environment.

Our services for ISO 45001 certification

We have comprehensive services for businesses aiming to achieve ISO 45001 certification. You will get not only consultation and professional guidance but also receive training from our ISO professionals. Your employees can collaborate with us to know about the latest ISO 45001 OHSMS standards. What’s more, you may buy training material and resources from our company. Our internal auditor and implementation training will enable you to follow ISO principles throughout a year. We also help you to renew the certificate to keep up its validity. Thus, rely on our ISO 45001 consultant and find the best service from us.

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