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A Comprehensive Guide OnISO 27001 Certification In Philippines

Wondering what is ISO 27001 certification in Philippines? In simple terms, it is the only globally recognized guideline for Security Management Systems. It is a comprehensive specification for Information Security management, rather than merely dealing with technical controls.

What is ISO 27001 certification?

The ISO 27001 Certification process aims to ensure that an organization implements robust and foolproof measures to address information security risks and threats. Organizations aspiring to attain this certification require passing through a business-oriented approach for managing Information security.

We are the best ISO 27001 consultant in Philippines, helping our clients to adopt these guidelines, qualifying through the evaluation tests, eventually attaining the certification standards.

An Organization, attaining the 27001 Certification standard exhibits that it approaches Information Security with adequate care. Thus, it influences business stakeholders about investing in such an organization. It helps a business to escape instances of paying fines and mitigating reputation loss, optimizing their strategies and business process. Most importantly, it helps an organization to comply better with legal, contractual, and commercial obligations. With the passage of time, more and more organizations are looking for ISO 27001 certification in Philippines. It is helping them to establish their brand better, eventually enjoying an edge over their closest competitors.

How to get ISO 27001 certification in Philippines?

The ISO 27001 certification process closely resembles the ISO 9001 Certification steps. It runs on the following points:

  • Say what you can do: this is the initial step towards the ISO 27001 certification, focusing on the documentation of the operating methodologies and practices daily. Documenting the daily activities, you have a precise estimate of the work process in your organization. It establishes the foundation for the Standard Operating Policy for your organization at a later stage.
  • Deliver your words: this is probably the most crucial stage for the certification process. Here, the focus is on delivering whatever you state. The data you collect in the previous step will guide you through the daily activities to standardize your operating policies and procedures.
  • Prove it: at this stage, your organization undergoes the certification audit. Its objective is to prove, if your organization is following the previous steps. You require complying with the ISO 27001 Certification guideline to attain the certification.


The entire process runs in 3 phases- application, preparation for the certification & audit, and certification.

For years, we have been helping organizations in the Philippines to meet the requirements for this certification. Today, we are the most sought-after ISO 27001 consultant in Philippines with a proven track record in favor of your services.

Requirements of ISO 27001 certification in Philippines?

How to attain ISO 27001 certification in Philippines? Your organization needs to meet the Mandatory, and additionally, the optional requirements. The process starts with your application for the accreditation, taking adequate preparation, and undergoing the assessment, eventually getting the certification.

A. Compulsory ISO 27001 Requirments

  1. ISO 27001 Scopes
  2. Information Security- Objectives and Policies
  3. Risk evaluation and Treatment Methodologies
  4. Application statements
  5. Risk Treatment Strategies
  6. Risk Assessment Report
  7. Defining Security Roles and Responsibilities
  8. Asset Inventories and acceptable asset uses
  9. Policy on Access Control
  10. IT Management Operating Policies
  11. Supplier Security policies
  12. Incident Management Plans
  13. Business Continuity Plans
  14. Statutory, Commercial and Contractual Policies


B. Compulsory Records

  1. Organizations must maintain the following records to attain the ISO 27001 Certification:
  2. Employee Experience, skill sets, and qualification records
  3. Internal Audit Policies
  4. Internal Audit outcome and endorsements
  5. Corrective Action plans
  6. User Logs


C. Optional, but Better-to- Have Documentations

  • Besides the mandatory requirements, some optional elements get strongly endorsed to comply. Here come the key points in that regard:
  • Documents control strategies
  • Record Management Guidelines
  • Internal Audit Checklist and Review Policies
  • Remedial Action Plans
  • Teleworking and Mobile Policies
  • Information Classification Guidelines
  • Password Policies
  • E-waste and Data disposal and destruction guidelines
  • Secure Area Processing
  • Access Requirements
  • Clear Screen and Workstation policies
  • Change Management Guideline
  • Data Storage Policies and backup guidelines
  • Digital Data Transformation Guidelines
  • Business Impact & Development evaluation policies
  • Review and Maintenance plans
  • Business continuity guidelines.


We are the most reliable ISO 27001 consultant in Philippines, assisting our clients in meeting the mandatory and optional requirements, eventually attaining the certification standards. Our company has handled hundred of organizations to attain the desired standard in this regard.

Benefits of ISO 27001 certification in Philippines

Benefits of attaining ISO 27001 Certification are manifold and cover both the organization and its internal and external stakeholders.

Benefits to the Organization

  • Your organization appears more reliable to the internal and external parties.
  • ISO 27001 Certification help Organizations become more competitive
  • You earn a reputation as a safe and secure IT Partner.
  • Convinces proposed investors, suppliers and creditors.
  • Drastic and significant reduction in the operating cost, while optimizing organizational efficiency.
  • Downsizing Information security risks and threats.
  • Establishes a standard framework for handling statutory, contractual, and commercial obligations.
  • Better IT asset management and utilization.
  • Elimination of process and operational bottlenecks
  • Establishes Safety Policies paving the way for secure and sustainable business growth.

Benefits to the workforce

An Excellent Employee value proposition that cares of your workforce supports their development and eventually leads to optimum employee satisfaction. It drives them to perform better to materialize the business plans.

Benefits for external parties

ISO 27001 certification in Philippines safeguards the rights and interests of your investors, suppliers, customers, and vendors by handling their data in the best possible manner. Post this certification; the organization manages data and information related to the external stakeholder with the utmost professionalism. It secures them from possible adverse utilization of the sensitive data, protecting their identity and business operation.

Cost of ISO 27001 certification in Philippines

The overall expenses in voluminous paperwork and recording keeping escalate the price of ISO 27001 certification in philippines. The total costs often accumulate to some extravagant extent. Hence, startups and small organizations find it difficult to undergo this certification. However, as a client-centric ISO 27001 consultant in Philippines, we play a crucial role in keeping the cost within your budget. Our consultants focus on eliminating the unproductive and escapable expenses, streamlining the overall certification cost. We customize the financial aspect to suit your spending plans, helping you to attain the certification within an affordable budget.

We welcome you to request our service estimate. Our company refrains from charging any hidden and out-of-clause charges. We offer you a full cost, and we are honest in sticking to our quotes. Even startups and small organizations think about engaging our consultancy services for the ISO 27001 Certification. As such, you never need to swallow the aspiration about undergoing this certification for financial reasons.

ISO 22000 consultant in Philippines

Finding an ISO Consultant in Philippines is not a big deal. However, it is certainly a challenge to find a reliable and trustworthy party. The ideal party should hold ample experience and an excellent reputation for its services. Before you hire a consultant, take time out to check the reviews on its services. You should join hands with a consultant, featuring positive reviews and high ratings. In that regard, we are the most coveted ISO 27001 consultant in Philippines.

We streamline the process for our clients to attain the desired certification standards.

Our services for ISO 27001 certification in Philippines

We offer 360-degree support and solutions to our clients, helping them to attain the certification standards. Our company handles the entire scope of work in this regard. We help you to apply for the certification, prepare the necessary documents and guidelines, and to adopt the desired policies in real-time. We coach our clientele companies and their workforce to attain complete compliance with the desired standards in a simple and hassle-free manner.

As the top ISO 27001 consultant in Philippines, our mission is to help our clients to attain this certification economically.

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