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Every organization has the responsibility of saving the environment from negative effects. Your business operations must not be adverse to environmental resources. That is why reliable businesses always implement an Environmental Management System. ISO 14001 certification in Philippines ensures the successful implementation of EMS. Thus, you can apply for this certification regardless of industry, size, and location of your business.

A concept about ISO 14001 certification

ISO 14001 is one of the international standards indicating EMSrequirements. It creates a framework, followed by an organization. It is the voluntary ISO standard, and it guides you to refine your environmental performance. With ISO 14001 certification in Philippines, you can integrate EMS elements into your major business process.

ISO 14001: 2015 is the latest revised version introducing a couple of modifications. Revisions of ISO 14001: 2015 include the incorporation of a high-level structure, use of some mandatory definitions, and application of standards. Have a look at different areas where we can find the effect of this revision.

  • Increased coverage of EMS
  • Interactions with third parties
  • New legal compliance needs
  • New leadership engagement needs
  • Risk-based scheme become essential
  • A new type of documentation
  • Better operational control
  • A slightly higher certification cost
  • Effects on internal audit


You can use ISO 14001 certification partly or fully to develop an environmental management system properly. However, you can claim to conform to ISO 14001, while you have incorporated and fulfilled its requirements.

The structure of ISO 14001 has ten sections, and the first few of them are introductory, while the remaining ones are about EMS requirements. Thus, we have skipped the details of those introductory sections.

Section 4- It states that it is essential to understand your organization to implement the EMS. You need to identify the interested parties, their anticipations, and different issues.

Section 5– The top management department of your company to be active in implementing the EMS.

Section 6– Your business leaders and managers have to make a scheme to continue the EMS function continuously. Moreover, they have to analyze opportunities and risks related to EMS.

Section 7- This section is about resource management for an EMS, and it includes needs for communication, competence, and awareness.

Section 8- It deals with environmental controls essential to your business processes. Furthermore, it is also about the need to identify the potential emergency.

Section 9- You need to ensure that you are capable of checking the functionality of EMS. This section talks about analyzing business processes, analyzing environmental compliance, reviewing the EMS.

Section 10- It is the final section indicating the ways of your making your Environmental Management System better.You must make out the nonconformity of the process and take the corrective actions.

How to get ISO 14001 certification in Philippines

We have the best ISO 14001 consultant in Philippines to help you in the certification process. While talking about ISO 14001, we need to say that this certification is of two types. One is about your company’s EMS certification based on ISO 14001 standards. Another one is to certify individuals to enable them to carry out the audit process for this ISO 14001 certification in Philippines.

To start the certification process, you have to define your organization’s environmental policy, environmental goals, targets, and other relevant things.

You can talk to your ISO 14001 consultantsin Philippinesto know documents needed for certification. After arranging these documents, you need to go through these steps-

Internal audit- It is essential to identify your EMS procedure. The major target is to make sure that you have to maintain records to stay compliant with standards and find hidden problems.

Management review – The management body will make a formal assessment to analyze the management system facts to make the right decisions.

Remedial measures- Based on the management review and audit process, you will find the cause of problems and then resolve them quickly.

There are two other steps for a certification process-

Reviewing the documentation- Our certification body has auditors to make sure that your documentation has fulfilled ISO 14001 requirements.

Main audit- Our auditors will check the compliance of your activities with ISO 14001 and documentation.

Requirements of ISO 14001 certification in Philippines

To get your certificate successfully, you have to know about ISO 14001 elements. However, some common ISO 14001 requirements are-.

  • Developing environmental policy to reflect your business commitments
  • Appointing someone to coordinate with EMS
  • Identify how your business is interacting with the environment
  • Detecting potential impact on the environment
  • Making out environmental compliance standards
  • Establishing environmental targets and objectives
  • Measuring progress to reach your goals
  • Reviewing environmental performance

Benefits of ISO 14001 certification in Philippines

  • Ensuring commitment of the top management
  • For ISO 14001 certifications, the top management has to commit the implementation of environmental practices. You can engage your leadership team to raise the level of engagement of employees. While members of your organization have a mutual goal, it will be easier to achieve that.

Make a relationship with stakeholder better

ISO 14001 certifications will increase your business reputation and enable you to have better affiliation with stakeholders. Stakeholders always look for certified businesses. Although certification is not essential, it increases the confidence of stakeholders.

Have more developments of your business

While your organization looks for new customers, its suppliers have to be certified withISO 14001 standards. Thus, you will have a competitive advantage due to this certification.

Identify opportunities and risks

As every business is different, the certification standard enables your company to make out the environmental problems applicable to your business process. It guides you in the control, management, and monitoring of those issues. Moreover, it ensures that your organization has properly applied and maintained the Environmental Management System.

Better cost control

You may have started thinking- How will an EMS help in controlling costs? You can use this system to control, identify, and lower environmental incidents causing liability issues.

Help you in complying with legal rules

As ISO 14001 provides a framework to comply with environmental needs, you can avoid legal issues. Obviously, you have to abide by the relevant laws to implement the environmental system. Moreover, this implementation reveals that you are concerned about the surrounding environment. It will increase your business credibility and status.

Reduce the risk of employee turnover

Employees always like to work with companies that apply environment-friendly methods. As you are reducing environmental footprints, you can retain employees and engage new workers for your company.

Cost ofISO 14001 certification

You can make a contract with your ISO 14001 consultant in Philippines to get the estimate for accreditation. The overall amount includes certification costs and consultancy feel. However, you may also have an annual deal with our consultants to get continuous assistance from us. The number of business outlets, employees, and annual turnover are major factors affecting the cost for ISO 14001 certification.

ISO 14001consultants in Philippines

Our reliable and trained ISO consultant in Philippineshas worked with different private and public businesses. That is why they have gained knowledge of providing the best instructions to your organizations. We will guide you on how to get the certificate and find the real value from it. Thus, consult with our professionals and avail comprehensive services.

Our services for ISO 14001certification in Philippines

Our consultants will help you in achieving ISO 14001 standards and receiving the certificate within the shortest time. When you have already become certified, we will offer re-certification services to renew the old certificate. Moreover, you may get our help to integrate ISO 14001 with ISO 9001 certifications.What’s more, we provide ISO 14001 training for businesses in Philippines. We have a Lead Auditor course to let you understand EMS standards. You can choose an internal auditor and awareness training course in our agency. Our accredited training agency will let you gain qualifications.

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